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Remove Duplicate Photos Using A Professional Duplicate Image Finder

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder is a professional duplicate photo finder tool. It is the choice of many professional photographers because of its performance and precision. With the release of version, it finds duplicate photos 20 times faster utilizing SSSE 3 and SSE4.2 instructions.  Version provided improved loading, saving, and exporting huge projects and was tested with 1 million files and 1 Terabyte of data. Now version provides extra features and improvements.

Our dedicated duplicate photo finder LOOKS at your images in order to find similarities – this is not something that a standard duplicate file finder can do. Here is a detailed explanation about Which duplicate file finder to choose.

Duplicate Photo Finder

Extra Duplicate Photo Search Performance Improvements

In the last major release, we provided 20 times performance improvements for CPUs that support SSSE3 (SSE3S) and SSE4.2 instructions. The speed improvements can reach even 40 times, but 20 times are guaranteed for most systems. In this release, we have provided optimizations for older CPUs that do not support SSSE3 (SSE3S) and those can achieve the 20 times performance increase too.

Exact Duplicate Photo Finding Performance and Precision Improvements

We have optimized the “100% Identical Files” mode which works way faster than before. This mode is much faster than the similarity mode as it does not require heavy computations and image analysis. It is good to use it first in order to remove the exact duplicates and reduce scan time for the similarity mode. The improvements also provide better precision in detecting twin files.

Duplicate Photo Finder Preview Improvements

We have added an option to pan the image using the left mouse button in the large preview window. It now uses separate “Auto stretch”, “Auto shrink” and “Smooth resize” options than the small preview.

There was a small issue that the results would disappear if you start the delete operation and cancel it. This is not something that most users will do, but we fixed it in this release. Please note that if you cancel the delete operation the application did not delete the rest of the results at the point of interruption. It only removed the results in the grid.  You had to perform the scan operation again or reload the project in order to display them.

You can download the latest version demo here: Professional Duplicate Photo Finder

Please comment below if you miss a feature or you have a suggestion for improvement. We value our customers and we will be glad to hear from you!

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