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Duplicate File Finder

Fast Duplicate File Finder FREEWARE can remove duplicate files in a folder, drive, computer or entire network. The application will compare the content of the files and will identify duplicates even if they are using different file names.

The Professional version can find similar files regardless of their file types. It will analyze the file data in order to find duplicates and not just file attributes like name and size as the standard clone removers do. It uses advanced algorithms while searching for related files and provides accurate results, which is not true for the commonly advertised FUZZY search methods.

Download our FREE duplicate finder and recover lost disk space. Improve the performance of your system by removing garbage files. The most feature-rich duplicate finder on the market!

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Compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista (Both 32 & 64 Bit)

Duplicate File Finder KEY Features

The duplicate cleaner is a powerful utility for finding repeating files in a folder and all its sub folders. The free duplicate remover has the following features:

Duplicate File Finder Scan Modes

Duplicate Search

The duplicate remover tool provides multiple scan methods for finding duplicate and similar files like "100% Equal Files", "Similar Files", "File Size", and "Similar File Names".

100% Equal Files - Find Exact Duplicates

This scan mode will find exact copies of a file even if it is stored with different name. The mode compares the actual file data and not just size, name or checksum. Tools that scan by checksum like CRC or MD5 may incorrectly list totally different files as duplicates - this is not the case with FDFF!

Find Similar Files - Find Similar Documents

This mode will find similar files. It can find similar documents, archives or any other file types. It analyzes the files and looks for similar chunks of data. It can identify similar documents even if entire paragraphs inside are rearranged. This mode is different from our Duplicate Image Finder and Duplicate MP3 Finder tools and the differences are explained here - Which Duplicate Finder To Choose?

File Size - Find Duplicates By Size

This is the fastest of all modes and looks only for files that have the same size and/or extension. Though two files may have the same size and completely different content if you are comparing only files with the same extensions (file types) that is very unlikely.

Find Similar File Names - Find Files With Duplicate Or Similar Names

Find similar file names even if the text is rearranged. This is a true similarity analysis and not just a partial pattern matching mode. For example "red rabbit" and "23 jumping rabbit (red).mov" will be matched as similar depending on the specified similarity level. Set the similarity level to 100% in order to find only the exact duplicate file names.

Duplicate Finder - Compare Folders

While you can remove all duplicate files from computer, drive, network or folder, you can also compare two or more folders for duplicates.

Exclude from self-scan
Exclude from auto-check

You can set a "source" folder in order to exclude it from auto-check and preserve the items inside. There is a per-folder option "Exclude from self-scan" which denotes that the items inside that "source" folder will not be compared with each other - they will be compared only with items from the other folders in the list. Read more on How To Exclude A Folder From Scan

There is also an "Exclude from auto-check" option which can be used separately or in combination with the "Exclude from self-scan option". Ticking the option for the corresponding folder denotes that the items inside will not be marked if the auto-check feature is used. Read more on How To Exclude A Folder From Auto-Check

Compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista (Both 32 & 64 Bit)

How To Find Duplicate Files

While our tools provide multiple options for the professionals they can find find repeating files in just 3 simple steps. You do not need to be a PRO to use them.

Steps to find and remove duplicate files:

  1. Start the Scan: Select computer, drive, folder or network location to scan and choose among the multiple detection modes - 100% equal files, similar files, similar file names etc.
  2. Review Results: The tool automatically selects true duplicates for removal, but the identified files can be previewed inside the application and the selection can be modified manually if needed.
  3. Delete Duplicate Files:Duplicated files can be removed in one go or moved to a folder or backup drive. You can now enjoy a fast and organized computer.

Duplicate File Finder Command Line

Command-Line Parameters Usage: (Available only in Pro version)

DupFileFinder.exe -run -s -exp <semicolon delimited list of export formats>

-run - performs a duplicate files scan immediately after the program is started

-exp <semicolon delimited list of export formats> - Export command line parameter. Depending on the file extension will export the corresponding file type. Multiple formats can be exported at once by separating the paths with semicolons. The variables {DATE} and {TIME} will be replaced with the current date and time.

-s – stands for SILENT. Using the option the GUI will not be displayed during the scan and the application will exit after the command line actions are processed.

Example: DupFileFinder.exe -run -s -exp "c:\result_{DATE} {TIME}.xml;c:\result_{DATE} {TIME}.fdff;c:\result_{DATE} {TIME}.csv"

Note: If some of the parameters contain spaces, you must enclose them in double quotes as displayed above.

Duplicate Cleaner  Testimonials

David Cardinal - PC Magazine
Rating: Duplicate Finder Five Star Rating

"If you suspect you've wound up with multiple copies of large files like photos, music, or videos, there are utilities that can help you locate and delete duplicates. One nice free one is Duplicate File Finder from MindGems"

Gavin Cooper, D&D Consulting -
Rating: Duplicate Finder Five Star Rating

"Duplicate files over time you often move files around especially music photos and video files leaving the originals to sit and gather dust - there are a few free applications out there that can help to de-duplicate files good free one is Fast Duplicate File Finder."

Jason Willis - IT Professional
Rating: Duplicate Finder Five Star Rating

Duplicate Finder FREEWARE has been a game-changer for me as an IT professional tasked with managing vast amounts of data across networks and systems. Unlike other tools I've tried in the past, Duplicate Finder stands out for its accuracy in identifying duplicate files. When dealing with sensitive data, accuracy is paramount, and I cannot afford to risk my files by using unreliable tools. With Fast Duplicate Finder, I have peace of mind knowing that the results are precise and reliable.

One of the standout features of Duplicate Finder is its exceptional speed and efficiency. It can scan millions of files in a fraction of the time compared to other tools I've used. As someone who deals with large datasets regularly, the speed and efficiency of Duplicate Finder are invaluable. It allows me to quickly identify and remove duplicate files without wasting time waiting for the scan to complete.

Another aspect that sets Duplicate Finder apart is its user-friendly interface. Despite its powerful capabilities, the tool is remarkably easy to use. The intuitive interface makes it simple to initiate scans, review results, and take action on duplicate files. Additionally, Duplicate Finder provides the option to preview all types of files before deletion, ensuring that I can verify the content of each file before making any decisions.

Perhaps the best part about Duplicate Finder is that it's free. In my experience, it's more powerful than many commercial tools on the market. The fact that I can access such advanced functionality without having to spend a dime is truly impressive. Duplicate Finder has become an indispensable tool in my toolkit, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an efficient and reliable solution for managing duplicate files.

Michael Johnson - Archives Department
Rating: Duplicate Finder Five Star Rating

As someone responsible for backups and archives, finding and managing duplicates is a critical part of my role. Fast Duplicate Finder has become an indispensable tool in my arsenal, and here's why.

First and foremost, performance matters, especially when dealing with extensive backups and archives. Fast Duplicate Finder lives up to its name. It scans through millions of files with lightning speed, ensuring that I can identify and manage duplicates efficiently without wasting valuable time.

One of the standout features for me is the variety of options it offers. Being able to export results in various formats gives me the flexibility I need to analyze the data further or share it with colleagues. Moreover, the ability to compare folders is incredibly useful, especially when I need to ensure consistency across different backup versions or archives.

Backup options are another highlight. Fast Duplicate Finder doesn't just help me identify duplicates; it also provides options to back them up. This feature adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that no data is lost during the cleanup process. Knowing that I have this backup option gives me peace of mind, especially when dealing with critical files and folders.

Finally, the ability to load and save projects is a game-changer, particularly when dealing with large comparisons. Being able to pick up where I left off the next day without losing progress is invaluable. It allows me to break down tasks into manageable chunks, making the entire process more organized and efficient.

In summary, Fast Duplicate Finder has become an essential tool in my workflow. Its fast performance, extensive options for exporting and comparing results, backup capabilities, and project-saving feature make it a standout solution for anyone responsible for managing backups and archives.

Duplicate File Finder System Requirements