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Customer Support

If you have problems related to our products, please check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page of the product first. Every product has a FAQ page which can be accessed via the product sub-menu at the top of the product page. Most likely your question has already been answered there. You can find a lot of information on our BLOG too. Do not forget to press F1 inside the application to reference the help file - it is much faster than writing an email and waiting for a reply.

Delivery Issues

If you have not received your registration email then either you have typed a wrong email or your mail server has blocked the registration email as it is an automated message. Make sure to check your SPAM/JUNK folders. If you find the registration email there make sure to mark it as NOT SPAM. Otherwise you will miss updates in the future. If the email is not there then either your mail server is not working or it is blocking the emails sent to you. Please try to contact us from another email as if that is the case we have no way of reaching you.

Registration emails are processed automatically and usually delivered within 15 minutes after placing an order. Please check the information in the above paragraph and provide your ORDER ID when contacting the support regarding delivery issues.

Report Bug

Please provide screen shots, project files, sample files and exact steps to reproduce the problem when reporting a bug. This will let our engineers investigate the issue immediately instead of e-mailing back to request such data.

Our support team is highly-qualified and will provide solution for all issues. They are not just operators that reply with template answers - they will thoroughly analyze all reports and provide a proper solution or a fix.

You can use our Online Bug Report & Feedback form to send a report.

If you didn't find a solution for your problem, please contact our Support Team.

Press Agency

Information for journalists and media. Please contact our Press Agency.


Any issues related to our web site should be directed to our Webmaster.