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Create quality thumbnails for your image gallery from variety of image and movie formatsEasy Web Gallery Builder creates high quality HTML image or video galleries for the web, CD or local viewing. You can check the Online demo galleries here. The application will save you a huge amount of time and money by fully automating the gallery creation process without compromising the quality. Once you have tuned the gallery settings according to your preferences the next time you would like to build a gallery it will require just to load the project and add the new images. Different than the common gallery building applications Easy Web Gallery Builder supports all popular image and video formats. It uses advanced algorithms for resizing images and creating thumbnails providing high quality that would otherwise be achieved only by using expensive image processing products. Another advantage of the application that differentiates it from the crowd is that it gives you an unlimited control over the style of the created galleries. Being able to fully customize your projects you will also stand out from the crowd by creating unique high quality galleries that no one can recognize as automatically generated. The application also enables you to integrate existing code from your web site into the generated galleries (menu, header, footer,banners, etc.) in order to fit them better into your web site an overall design. Buying the product you also get free minor version updates and you can suggest features that we will implement in the upcoming versions.

Easy Web Gallery Builder is free for non-commercial use with some small limitations.

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Easy Web Gallery Builder

The program is easy to use for anybody, including those, who have no idea of HTML coding and image processing as the code for your gallery will be created automatically. You can save and load your own gallery projects. Besides creating thumbnails the application can resize your images, or convert them between graphic formats. Files can be added from different folders, sorted and their order can be manually adjusted. Many features are also offered for the advanced users, while keeping things simple enough for the beginners. The built-in re-sampling filters will create quality thumbnails and let you see the result in a real time preview by adjusting the thumbnail quality settings. Other features include the options to change links, text and background colors, font sizes, background image, thumbnail layout and creation of index page, navigation text, document title, etc.

If you like the product, but you have too specific requirements that can not be found in common gallery builder applications, do not hesitate to contact us. We already have clients using custom versions of our products tuned up for their specific needs and we will be glad to help you automate your tasks too.

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Easy Web Gallery Builder Free Download
Easy Web Gallery Builder

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