Fast Duplicate File Finder - Features

Fast Duplicate File Finder is a FREE powerful utility for finding duplicate files in a folder and all its sub folders. Fast Duplicate File Finder can find duplicate files on your laptop or desktop computer even if they are stored using different file names inside different folders. Fast Duplicate File Finder can also find similar files and display similarity percentage. Fast Duplicate File Finder can find similar files even if they have different file names and extensions performing a real file scan in order to determine the file similarity percentage.

What is the amount of disk space occupied by duplicate files? Fast Duplicate File Finder will answer the question quickly.

Duplicate File Finder - Find Similar Files
Fast Duplicate File Finder

Here's a comparison table of the features of the Free and the Pro versions of the program

Free Version
Pro Version
Can find exact duplicate files
Can find duplicate and similar file names
Can preview files
Can use auto-check
Can locate files in Windows Explorer
Can move/delete files
Can open files with their associated program
Can rename files directly in the results list
Can save/load projects
Can find similar files
Can use filter
Can use Quick Check/Uncheck
Can export results to XML or CSV
Can disable folders for self-scan
Can exclude folders from auto-check
Can use command-line features
Lifetime License

Note: Features marked with (*) in FREE version are only available when searching for exact duplicate files.
(**) Free version can save, but can not load projects

The key features of Fast Duplicate File Finder include:

Download Fast Duplicate File Finder and save valuable disk spaces by removing useless duplicate files.

Duplicate File Finder - Find Similar Files
Fast Duplicate File Finder