Top 13 Best Duplicate File Finder and Removers in 2023

Duplicate File Finder


Below we have tested and listed the top 13 best duplicate file finder tools to remove duplicate and similar files. Duplicate files may easily build up in many ways – by downloading multiple times, copying, saving in different locations, backing up, and many more. They not only occupy space, but they also reduce the performance of your Windows system. A larger quantity of repeatings files means more useless data to be processed by antivirus and all other types of applications leading to slower system performance.

We have provided a comprehensive list of the finest duplicate cleaners both free and paid. Choosing the best clone remover is the most important part of the deduplication process. After all, you don’t want to scan your valuable data with a poor tool that may produce incorrect results and lead to data loss. We will cover the key features that you should consider when choosing a duplicate remover. Continue reading

Top 18 Best Duplicate Photo Finder and Removers in 2023

Best Duplicate Photo Finder


Below we have listed the top 18 best duplicate photo finder tools to remove duplicate and similar photos. In our modern era, almost every device has a camera. As a result, you take numerous photos, selfies, and pictures of things that you soon will not even need. Unfortunately, you tend to back up and duplicate those images along the way too. Image sizes of modern devices are quite large as a result the process of cleaning duplicate photos becomes a necessity.

If you have several thousand images, finding similar and duplicate photos manually could be tedious. If you have tens of thousands of photos, manually removing duplicates may not even be an option. That is why the list below will help you to choose the right duplicate image finder for your needs. Not all duplicate finders can find similar pictures or photos stored in different file formats. The more image formats a duplicate cleaner supports, the more duplicates it will list. All software in the list below is sorted from BEST to WORST. Continue reading

Top 8 Easiest Ways to Print Folder and Folders List in Windows



We have provided a list of the best ways to print folders and folders list in Windows easily. Usually, it is easy to print a folder that is visible on the screen by taking a screenshot and using an image editing application. You can also use the screen capture application itself to print the image. Unfortunately, if you need to print the entire folder tree and it contains tens or hundreds or more sub-folders the task becomes quite hard. Follow this guide to print the folder tree easily and for free. Continue reading

Print Directory List in Windows

Print Directory


Printing a directory is something that everyone needs now or then. Unfortunately, there is no built-in option to do this in Windows. While there are plenty of commercial applications that can do this, you can use a free disk cleanup tool that has this neat option and can print also to multiple file formats in addition to printing to a printer. Continue reading

Find Largest Folders in Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Find Largest Files


Find the largest folders in Windows in order to easily free up disk space and locate space hogs. Read on to learn how to view folder sizes and sort folders from largest to smallest. Follow these simple steps to locate the largest folders on your computer, hard drive, inside a folder, or on your entire network.

Delete unused large folders and files and recover lost disk space.

Continue reading

Top 3 Best Free Disk Cleanup Tools For Windows

Free Disk Cleanup


Best free disk cleanup tools to organize your files and folders. Remove duplicate files and save valuable disk space. Locate the largest files and folders. Remove old hidden backup folders and archives. View all folder sizes sorted ascendingly. Find empty files and folders. Find oldest and newest files – delete files that are not accessed for a long time. You can free up gigabytes of unused data in just a few minutes. Continue reading