Top 17 Best Duplicate Photo Finder and Removers in 2022

Best Duplicate Photo Finder


Below we have listed the top seventeen best duplicate photo finder tools to remove duplicate and similar photos. In our modern era, almost every device has a camera. As a result, you take numerous photos, selfies, pictures of things that you soon will not even need. Unfortunately, you tend to back up and duplicate those images along the way too. Image sizes of modern devices are quite large as a result the process of cleaning duplicate photos becomes a necessity.

If you have several thousand images, finding similar and duplicate photos manually could be tedious. If you have tens of thousands of photos, manually removing duplicates may not even be an option. That is why the list below will help you to choose the right duplicate image finder for your needs. Not all duplicate finders can find similar pictures or photos stored in different file formats. The more image formats a duplicate cleaner supports, the more duplicates it will list. All software in the list below is sorted from BEST to WORST. Continue reading

Duplicate Finder – Select All Duplicates in a Folder

Duplicate Finder


Duplicate Finder is free and can find exact duplicates, similar files, similar file names, and files of the same size. You could already select all duplicates in a folder using the “Quick Check” feature, but this release makes it easier. Use the popup menu on a duplicate file and click – “Check->Check All in This Folder”.

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Resize Window to Specific Size – Set Window Size in Pixels

Resize Windows


There are many ways to resize a window, but sometimes you need to resize a window to a specific size. Usually, if you are creating a screenshot you need to set the window size in pixels in order to fit it on your web page. You may also want to preview how an application looks at a certain size. Undoubtedly, there is a very simple keyboard shortcut that will let you set the size of the window in pixels and resize it instantly.

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Find Duplicate DICOM – .dicom; .dic; .v2 ; .jif, .jfif (jpeg), .xif (tiff) Images

Find Duplicate DICOM Images


Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder is the best application for finding similar and duplicate photos. It supports more than 40 popular image formats and more than 300 RAW photo camera images. Undoubtedly, options to find duplicate DICOM images were already available for the .dcm image format. This new release can also find similar .DICOM, .DIC, and .V2 DICOM images.

This new release provides support also for the JIF and JFIF JPEG file formats. In addition to those the duplicate photo finder supports also JPEG Bitmap (*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.jpe;), JPEG2000 Files (*.jp2) , and JPEG2000 Code Stream (*.j2k;*.jpc;*.j2c) . In addition extra support for TIFF Bitmap (*.tif;*.tiff;*.fax;*.g3n;*.g3f;*.xif) images is provided with the new XIF file extension.  Continue reading

Delete Empty Folders – Show Folder Sizes in Windows

Delete Empty Folders


How to Find Empty Folder and Files in Windows?

In this article, we have listed methods to delete empty folders in Windows. While empty folders do not occupy much space, it is always good to have fewer files and folders. Certainly, it is a good practice to keep a well-organized file system. Even though empty folders are empty they still occupy space because of their names and structure. That space is negligible, but having fewer files and folders will make your system run faster overall. By following the instructions below, you can delete empty folders and files in just a few steps. Continue reading

Remove Missing Songs From iTunes

Remove iTunes Missing Songs


How to Remove Missing Tracks From iTunes

If you have moved your audio files or have deleted songs outside of the iTunes application you have probably ended up with missing tracks in your iTunes library. Surely, if you have altered just a few files it is easy to find and remove them. However, if you have reorganized many files it gets difficult to identify and remove them. That is especially true if you have a large audio collection. There are many applications that can do this for you, but those are paid and not worth the money for something that you will need once or twice. Certainly, you can find and delete all of the missing songs in your iTunes library without using any apps or having to pay. Continue reading

Delete Duplicate Songs – Remove Repeating Audio Files – Audio Dedupe

Remove Duplicate Songs


Remove Cloned Music Files in Windows 11

Audio Dedupe - Remove Duplicate Songs

Audio Dedupe – Remove Duplicate Songs

Remove duplicate songs and organize your audio collection. Save valuable disk space by eliminating repeating music files. Find similar songs or remixes of the same audio track. Audio Dedupe is a tool that will find similar and duplicate songs and organize your music and fully manage your audio collection. It “listens” to the audio in order to find similar songs and does not rely on any ID3 tags like Title, Album, or Artist even though it can utilize those if necessary too.

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