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Lightroom Duplicate Finder


If you are looking for a Lightroom duplicate finder then like all of us, you may have ended up with a load of duplicated photos that you need to clean up. You may end up creating duplicates in many ways. For example importing photos with “Don’t import suspected “duplicates unchecked, importing exported photos, or using the catalog on more than one device can also clutter your catalog with duplicate photos. Merging catalogs can introduce duplicates too.

You can browse the photos in Capture Time order and try to find duplicate photos manually, but if you have thousands of photos, this could become a very annoying and LONG task. Luckily there is a much simpler and effective way to remove duplicate photos automatically.

Lightroom Find Duplicates 

Take a look at the screenshot below and follow these simple steps to easily remove duplicates.

  1. Press the Scan Lightroom button
  2. Select a Lightroom Catalog to be scanned for duplicate images
  3. All the similar and duplicate photos will be listed in groups by similarity
  4. Mark the ones that are not needed
  5. Select delete, move or copy operation and press the “Perform” button
Lightroom Duplicate Finder

Lightroom Duplicate Finder

Download and install Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder and solve the problem of duplicate images completely.

VS Duplicate Image is the most professional and feature-rich duplicate photo cleaner tool on the market. Therefore, scanning lightroom catalogs and removing duplicate photos is as easy as that.  It provides support for more than 40 popular image formats. Those include Adobe Photoshop PSD and more than 300 RAW camera formats. Above all, it can not only find duplicates, but it looks at the photos in order to find similar photos in Adobe Lightroom. Certainly, you can also compare a folder against a Lightroom catalog.

There are multiple options for finding duplicates in Adobe Lightroom. Here are some of the modes:

  • Visual Similarity – find edited, resized, rotated, flipped, and color-corrected photos. To clarify, this mode provides true image analysis.
  • “100% Identical Files – find exact duplicates
  • Files Sizes – find photos with the same file size
  • EXIF Date Time Original – find photos shot in close time intervals
  • Compare EXIF Tags – find similar or duplicate EXIF tags

VSDIF was chosen as the best duplicate photo finder of 2021. It is not just a Lightroom duplicate finder pluging – it is an all-in-one photo deduplication tool. Therefore, you can use it to clean duplicates in any folder. It will organize all photos and not only those that you have imported in Adobe LR.




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