Find Similar Files and Similar File Names



Find Similar Files

Find Similar Files

The problem behind finding similar files

The process of finding similar files or similar file names is much more complicated than finding duplicate files.  Most duplicate file finders that analyze file content and do not rely on file dates or sizes will find duplicate files easily, while rarely duplicate file finders include features for finding similar items. The problem is that there are billions of file formats that a tool should support in order to be able to open and compare them. That is why there are dedicated duplicate mp3 finder and duplicate image finder applications. The process behind finding similar file names is not quite easy too. Finding file names that contain certain word can be easy, but finding ones that contain two or more words not in the same order can be tricky.

Solution for finding files with similar names and files with similar content

Fast Duplicate File Finder is a popular FREE tool developed by MindGems Inc. It is well known for its accurate results and outstanding performance. Along with the duplicate finding features,  there is an option for finding similar files or similar file names. This works by specifying a percentage of similarity that will be used as a threshold. FDFF differs from the common duplicate finders that claim to utilize fuzzy search or the so called fuzzy matching. While a fuzzy match will rarely reveal proper results FDFF can find similar files even if the data inside is scrambled. If two text files for example contain the same text with scrambled paragraphs or slightly edited sentences they still will be matched and displayed as duplicates in the results list with information regarding the percentage of similarity between the two files. FDFF is free and can be downloaded here: Duplicate File Finder

Find Similar Files

Find Similar Files

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