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Fast Duplicate File Finder has proven to be the fastest duplicate finder on the market. As we provide a free version, it is used by millions of users. They have used and tested it for more than a decade. Therefore it is a reliable bug-free tool that has proven itself over the years and is the number one choice of many professionals.

Although there is not much to improve we are always trying to squeeze up as much as possible and improve the performance further. This release improves performance and fixes a minor annoyance. There was an issue where the progress-bar was displaying “100%” for a very long time. This is not something that had to do with the quality of the scan or results. It was only a display problem, but some users thought that the application was stuck especially when scanning large drives.

Fastest Duplicate File Finder

Fastest Duplicate Finder

Fastest Duplicate File Finder – Scan Methods

  1. 100% Equal Files – This is the best mode for a proper duplicate scan. While it is not the fastest of all the supported modes, it is the one that guarantees to list true duplicates. Many tools on the market may perform faster as they use CRC checksums. Such tools produce incorrect results and may lead to permanent loss of data. For example, the CRC or checksum of the file that many such tools are using may identify completely different files as duplicates.
  2. Similar Files – This mode can find similar documents. It is very precise, as a result, it is the slowest of all. In short, you should use it on a smaller subset of files. This is mode can find similar excel, word, txt, pdf, archive and other documents. It can not find similar photos or similar audio files. This article: Which Duplicate File Finder To Choose? explains why we have developed dedicated tools for those tasks.
  3. Similar File Names – this is a fast scan mode that can find similar or duplicate file names. For example, it is useful if you want to find files that are named like: “My Essay (1).doc”, “My Essay March.doc”, “My Essay 2019.txt” and so on. A tutorial for the above two modes is available here: Find Similar Files and Similar File Names
  4. File Size – searching for duplicates by file size is not a reliable method. However, in many cases, it can be helpful. It is extremely fast and you can use it for very large drives. If the files are large the chance for two files to be different and to have exactly the same size gets very low. In conclusion, for large files it is acceptable to use it. As always we do recommend that you review the results prior to removing any files.

Fastest Duplicate File Finder – Tutorial

If you are new to the tool take a look at this tutorial: How To Find Duplicate Files?

We are glad to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Please share them in the comments section below.

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