Screen Capture And Annotate - Features

Capture Screenshots And Add Annotations

You can capture your entire screen or selected portion of it. The screenshot automatically opens in the editor where you can preview, edit, and add annotations.

The full-featured editor allows you to combine multiple captures in a single image. You can add annotations, callouts, arrows, highlight regions, blur part of the capture to hide sensitive information.

Compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista (Both 32 & 64 Bit)

Screen Capture & Annotate Features

Screen Capture And Annotate is a powerful tool for capturing and editing screenshots. Here are some of its key features:

Layered editor - the tool uses layers for the screenshots and objects. It is like having a lightweight alternative of PhotoShop to edit your screen grabs. You can combine multiple screenshots in a single image. You can also import images as layers - for example add a watermark or insert a previously captured image in the current project.

Edit layers - resize, scale, rotate, or crop the captured images. There is no need to capture the image again if you have included a portion of the screen that you do not want. As the captured screenshots is added to the project as a layer you can use all the editing tools to modify it.

Annotation objects - add callouts with different shapes to describe the content of your screenshot. Anything that you need in order to describe the content of your capture is available in the tool. Add arrows to point items or use bidirectional arrow to describe relation between items. Use the highlight tool to mark important regions on the screenshot. Blur or pixelize a region on the capture in order to hide sensitive information like credit card number, name, password etc. You can also add ellipse, rectangle or draw a free-hand shape.

Save/load annotated screenshots - the tool can save and load your screenshots in format that can be easily reloaded and edited. For example if you have captured and annotated and application window you do no need to start everything from scratch when the user interface is changed. All you need to do is load the project and take a new screenshot of the application window and replace the one that is in your project files. All the annotations and descriptions that you have previously added will be preserved. You can just slightly rearrange them in if the new screenshot requires that.

Capture round and transparent windows with shadows - you can enable or disable capturing of transparency and shadows of windows. The latest Windows user interface uses round windows, shadows and transparency - Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista etc. Unfortunately even the integrated Windows Snipping Tool can not capture the transparent windows of the user interface. This makes the captures look ugly as there are unwanted artifacts at the round corners - different colors. Our tool can not only capture round transparent windows with shadows, but also save them with transparency in image formats that support it like - PNG image files for example.