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Boss Key - Frequently Asked Questions


Why Should I Register?

  1. You should register in order to continue using the application after the trial period has ended
  2. Registered users get free support and minor version updates ( new versions of the product )
  3. Registered users can suggest extra features that they would like to be included in the product
  4. All annoying popup's and registration reminders will be permanently removed.

Who needs this type of application?

Everyone who uses a computer need this type of application. It fits many different tasks and helps you protect your privacy in many different situations. Buying Boss Key you are setting your security to a higher level.

Isn't a virtual desktop manager program better than a bosskey application?

No. Boss Key does much more than a simple virtual desktop application. It will mute sound, hide tray icons, switch display resolution, start the application that you are supposed to work with or bring it to top if it was already running and much more. You just press a key and Boss Key will cover the tracks of your current activity.

What makes Boss Key more special than the others?

You can easily compare our product with the other competitive products. It is not hard to see that we have given you much more features, the highest flexibility, the fastest speed and stability and the smallest size and resource consumption.

We give you free support and upgrades. As you may already noticed we constantly improve our products. You get free minor version updates as a registered user. So you will always have the best product as we are trying and succeeding to be always one step ahead of our competitors.

Why to hide windows ?

Hiding windows will allow you to hide your activity without the need of closing the active applications. You can easily restore the windows later.

How to uninstall Boss Key?

Open Start Button->Settings->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs. Select Boss Key from the list (ABK) and click Change/Remove.

My keyboard shortcuts are not working. What is wrong?

1. As Boss Key creates a global system keyboar shotrcut you should check if it does not conflict with any other application. Try a different key combination.
2. If you have killed the application from task manager keyboard shortcuts will not operate properly untill you exit the application from the Terminate button and start it again.

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