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Print folder tree and folder sizes to printer or pdf file. Folder Size was already providing many options to export the folders and print their content but was missing an option to print the folder tree which is located on the left side of the application. The latest version provides an option to print folder tree.

The new options for expanding and collapsing all subfolders are mainly related to this new feature. They should be useful when printing the folder tree in order to expand and collapse multiple folders quickly. Right-click a folder and select “Expand All Sub-folders”. If you want to collapse a certain folder in the tree select “Collapse All Sub-folders”. Using the “minus” icon can do this too, but it does not collapse the subfolders that are located inside.

Here is the complete change-log for this releaseĀ  – Folder Size What’s New?

Folder Sizes

Folder Sizes

How To Print Folder Tree?

The new feature is extremely easy to use.

  1. Firstly scan the drives or folders that you wish to print. The folder tree on the left-hand side of the application will list the results. Certainly, it includes all the folder sizes too.
  2. Secondly, expand the folders that you want to print. Use the new options in the popup menu if you want to expand all subfolders.
  3. After that resize the “Folder Name” column in order to fit all the listed items. The easiest way to do this is to expand the desired folders and then double-click the separator between the “Folder Name” and “Folder Size” columns in the header. This will automatically expand the “Folder Name” column to the size of the longest folder path. If you have expanded too many folders then this operation may take some time – wait for it to complete.
  4. Once you have set the desired state for the folders to be printed select File->Print Folder Tree…
  5. As a result, the print preview window will be displayed. It provides all the options that were already available for printing files. Use the page orientation, print area, margins, and all the other options that are listed to format the page.

Print Preview of Folder Tree

Here we will take a look at the options that are available in the print preview window.

Print Folder Sizes

Print Folder Sizes – Print Preview

  1. Open – Loads Print Preview file – *.ppv
  2. Save – Saves all the pages in the current Print Preview Window in a PPV file.
  3. Print To PDF – Select a file name to save the pages as PDF files.
  4. Save as a multi-frame TIFF image.
  5. Print – Will send the pages to the default printer.
  6. Printer Setup – Allows you to set up your printer options.
  7. Show Page Setup – provides options to set margins, paper size, and page orientation.
  8. Show printer’s printable area – displays dotted red frame around the exact printable area
  9. Zoom Out, Zoom To, and Zoom – Use them to adjust the currently visible area of the page
  10. Toggle grayscale mode on or off
  11. Limit printing to one page horizontally – If you have long folder names the tool will print the folders tree to as many horizontal pages as required. Therefore, it allows you to stitch the pages and create a poster. You can limit printing to one page horizontally if required.
  12. The rest of the four buttons allow you to navigate through the pages. Likewise, the left side of the print preview includes thumbnails of the pages that you can use to navigate too.

Print Folders and Files to File or Printer

Finally, after you have set everything up just hit the PRINT button to start printing. As a result, it will send the pages to your default printer. Certainly, a better choice is to print to file and go green. For example use the options to print to PPV (Print Preview), EMF, Multi-page TIFF, or PDF file. You can print those files later if needed. There are many ways to print folders, but Folder Size makes things very easy.

Folder Size is a FREE tool aimed toward disk cleanup. Printing a directory is the least it can do for you.

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