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Fastest Similar Photo Finder Tool


The Fastest Duplicate Image Finder of 2020 Is Here – Find Similar Photos in Adobe Lightroom

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder was already known for its high performance and precision but we never stop improving our tools. In this major release, we provide exciting new features and extreme performance improvements. In addition to the immense performance optimizations, this release will find similar photos in Adobe Lightroom. Do not forget that our dedicated duplicate photo finder LOOKS at your images in order to find similarities – this is not something that a standard duplicate file finder can do. Here is a detailed explanation about Which duplicate file finder to choose.

Find Duplicate Images in Adobe Lightroom

This new feature allows you to scan an Adobe Lightroom catalog for similar and duplicate images. All features of the application are available and can be used as usual except that instead of selecting folders as a source you select an Adobe Lightroom catalog. We prefer not to alter the content of any third-party application so VSDIF will not modify the catalog. If you delete or move any images in the results a quick info panel will tell you how to refresh the catalog in Adobe Lightroom in order to synchronize your changes. Finding similar photos in Adobe Lightroom has never been easier.

Up to 20 Times Faster Image Comparison Stage

The image comparison stage is tremendously improved using SSE3 CPU instructions. If you are not aware of what SSE3 is, do not worry – most contemporary computer processors support it. These are special new instructions that may improve complex mathematical calculations. The measured performance improvement is between 1500% and 2000% which equates to 15 – 20 times faster scan in the second stage of the comparison. For example, a scan that took 1 hour in the second stage now can be completed in 3 minutes. This is especially true for large image collections. We are proud to note that this optimization has no negative impact on the precision of the scan.

Find Similar Photos

Extra Preview Settings For Duplicate Images

Three new options are available both in Preview and Large Preview windows.

  • Auto stretch – this option will stretch the images automatically to fit in the corresponding area if their size is smaller
  • Auto shrink – this option will automatically shrink the image to fit in the preview area
  • Smooth resize – this option enables and disables the antialiasing in the preview area. Disabling the antialiasing will make the images look grainier.

All the above options are enabled by default which was the standard VSDIF behavior. There are cases where such options are needed – medical research, graphics design, and many more.

Auto-check Images by Path Length

Two new auto-check options are provided in this release – “Shorter path” and “Longer path”. The options are pretty self-explanatory. The first one will automatically mark the images with a shorter path. The second one will mark those with the longer paths. Auto-chek as you already know will always leave one item in a group un-checked in order to preserve it. This option makes it very easy to preserve files in a folder if its path is shorter or longer than the rest in the list.

New Keyboard Shortcuts, Selection Features, UI Improvements

We have added Delete Key and Control+Delete keyboard shortcuts for easier file manipulation. The first one will remove an entry from the list while the second one will remove the entry and delete the corresponding image file.

A popup menu item “Select Checked” is added in the results grid. This makes it easy to select the items that are checked in order to delete or remove them from the list.

A button “Select” to select all items that match the criteria in the Quick Check dialog is now added. This allows the Quick Check dialog to be used for selecting items rather than ticking their check-boxes.

In “EXIF Date Time Original” mode the grid shows the time difference in seconds. As the similarity percentage in this mode is not necessary it is replaced by information about the time difference between the images.

Fixed: Auto-check not working correctly when “Match full path” is checked and “File names…” is unchecked. This was not a serious issue, but both options had to be disabled in order to disable the feature.

Exciting new features and improvements are planned for the upcoming 8.x.x.x releases. As usual, we are glad to hear your suggestions and feedback. Please drop them in the comments section below.

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