Best Duplicate Image Finder – Tested With 1 Million Images

Best Duplicate Image Finder


The Best Duplicate Image Finder of 2020 Can Handle 1 Million Photos

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder is well known for its performance and precision. The last release will find duplicate photos 20 times faster.  Now version improves loading, saving, and exporting huge projects. Do not forget that our dedicated duplicate photo finder LOOKS at your images in order to find similarities – this is not something that a standard duplicate file finder can do. Here is a detailed explanation about Which duplicate file finder to choose.

Faster Save, Load, Export of Large Duplicate Image Finder Projects

Saving, loading, and exporting project files is now hundreds of times faster and uses minimum memory. As the latest version of VSDIF is extremely fast and allows scanning of huge image collections the results list can grow quite large. Therefore, saving and loading hundreds of thousands of results could take quite some time and memory. We have tested Version with over 1 million images and optimized it to export the results in a timely manner.

Improved Symbolic Links

Improved handling of symbolic links and hard-links to folders prevents adding duplicate entries in the search pointing to the same images. Extra improvements to prevent adding duplicate folders are applied too.

Duplicate Photo Finder – Image Search

The “Image Search” button in VSDIF can find similar images of one or more sample photos. We have added many fixes and improvements to this functionality. Along with those you can now add the sample photos in the “Image Search” panel by dragging them inside from Windows Explorer.

Find Similar Photos

Extra Fixes And Improvements

We have improved the error reporting for file operations. As a result, it provides extra information in case of a move, delete, and copy issues. Therefore, it will let you faster understand if the issue is related to permissions, locked files, or anything else.

This update also includes a fix for some 32 Bit operating systems. While we do support 32 bit operating systems, we strongly recommend using a 64-bit. However, if you are on an old 32 Bit system you should download this update.

You can now add sidecar extensions both with or without a prepended dot. For example “xmp|exf” or “.xmp|.exf”. This will move, delete, or copy the sidecar file that has the same name as the image and having one of the listed extensions.

In addition to the above, there are many small improvements and fixes that are not worth listing in detail.

You can find all the changes in this release on the Duplicate Image Finder What’s New Page

We have planned exciting new features and improvements for the upcoming 8.x.x.x releases. Do you have suggestions and feedback? Please drop them in the comments section below.

You can download the latest version demo here: Find Similar Photos NOW!

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