Fast Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate File Finder


Free Duplicate File Finder

Version of the best duplicate file finder on the market is now available for download.

We provide a free version of Fast Duplicate File Finder too so hit the download link below and free up disk space by removing useless duplicates.

This version provides some bug-fixes and useful new features.

Find Duplicate Files Free

Free Duplicate File Finder

Download: Duplicate File Finder


What’s new in version

Fixed group numbering issue after move/delete

There was an issue where if only some of the groups were moved/deleted the group numbers were incorrect due to the removed items. This issue generally should not cause any major problems, but messages like “All files in group XXX are checked for delete/move” were displaying incorrect group number.

“Compare only files with same extensions” and “Do not compare file extensions” are saved to the project file

The above options are now saved to the project file. Those options were already available in the application but were not stored per-project.

Quick-Check option “Match full path” in “File names containing” section

There is a new option In the “Quick-Check” dialog that allows the full path of a file to be matched – “Match full path”. You can specify a wildcard pattern like *mytext* that will match all items that contain “mytext” in the name. If “Match full path” is ticked items that contain “mytext” anywhere in the file path will be matched too.

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