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Remove duplicate songs and save valuable disk space. Delete annoying repeating audio tracks from your playlist. Audio Dedupe “Listens” to your songs in order to find similar and repeating tracks. The tool compares the songs – not the file data as standard duplicate file finders do.  There is no need for the songs to have any ID3 tags for the tool to work as it analyzes the actual sound. Nevertheless, You can also find similar songs by Title, Artist, and Album. There is an option to specify similarity when searching for ID3 Tags too. Set the similarity to 100% to find only exact matches.

Remove duplicate songs

Remove duplicate songs

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Remove Duplicate Songs

Removing duplicate songs is easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Add the folders that you want to clean
  2. Set “100% Identical Files” for exact duplicate tunes or “Audio Compare” to find similar songs and remixes.
  3. Hit the “Start Scan” button
  4. All the duplicate songs will be listed and grouped by similarity.
  5. Copy, move or delete the duplicate songs
Remove Duplicate Songs

Remove Duplicate Songs

Eliminating repeating songs is as simple as that. Subsequently, there are options to select and remove the songs with the lower quality automatically. The application by default will select those files for removal. You can also select files by date, name, size, path, or any other property.

After you review the results and select the desired files you can delete, copy, or move the files. For example, you can delete the duplicate songs permanently or delete them to the Recycle Bin. On the other hand, the copy option can be used to back up the files. The “Keep folder structure” will recreate the source folder structure in the target location. If you do not need that, disabling the option will copy all the files to the root of the target folder.

The move operation works in the same way as the copy, but it will remove the files from the original locations.

Find 100% Identical Songs

This new release of Audio Dedupe optimizes the exact duplicate matching features – “100% Identical Files”. As a result, the new version works much faster and fixes detection issues in some very rare cases and specific file formats.

The “100% Identical Files” mode as the name suggests finds only exact duplicates. However, duplicates stored in different file formats are not exact duplicates. An audio file that is stored in different formats should be searched with the Audio Compare mode.

The exact duplicate mode performs much faster than the Adio Compare one. However, If you have many duplicates it is best to use it to remove them first. Then using the “Audio Compare” mode will scan fewer files and complete faster.

Do you miss a feature? Do you have a suggestion? Let us know in the comments below!

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