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Windows 11 Duplicate Finder



The Fastest Duplicate File Cleaner is Now Windows 11 Compatible

If you are in search of a Windows 11 Duplicate Finder then look no further as the latest version of the free Fast Duplicate File Finder is already Windows 11 compatible. The tool provides a preview for multiple audios, video, image, RAW Photo, and document files. In addition to that this new release adds a preview for Adobe PDF files too. To summarize, no other duplicate cleaner on the market supports this many file types. As a result, removing duplicate files in Windows 11 is now faster, easier, and free.

Fast Duplicate File Finder is the fastest and most complete Windows 11 tool for searching and deleting cloned repeating files. It has all the options that you will ever need for thorough disk cleanup. Those include multiple scan methods, options to filter files based on size, date, name, path, and age. There are options to compare folders or exclude folders from the scan. Project files for large duplicate file searches. Export features that will let you export the results to XML or Excel CSV files and many more. Preview for hundreds of music, photo, video, and document files.

Fast & Reliable Windows 11 Duplicate Remover

As the name denotes Fast Duplicate File Finder is the fastest tool for deleting duplicates. In spite of that fact, it is also the most reliable tool for detecting cloned files. Unlike other tools that rely on size, names, or checksums like MD5, FDFF performs a complete file content analysis. Though MD5 is relatively reliable it can still produce incorrect results. For example, two completely different files may produce the same MD5 checksum. That is why tools that rely on checksums may identify completely different files as duplicates. As FDFF does not rely on checksums it is guaranteed that it will never produce such incorrect results. On the other hand, it uses advanced algorithms and analyzes multiple repeating files simultaneously. This makes it possible for it to still be faster than the simple tools which use MD5 or other checksums.

Windows 11 Duplicate File Finder

Windows 11 Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate Finder Features

  • Find duplicate file
  • Search for similar files
  • Find files with similar names or find files with duplicate names
  • Find files of the same size
  • Preview for multiple images, video, audio, and document files. This includes a preview for Adobe PDF, Adobe PSD, and more than 300 Camera RAW Photo formats.
  • Export duplicate files to XML or EXCEL CSV files
  • Store large duplicate searches in project files if the analysis will take a long time
  • Include or exclude files in the search based on file names, locations, sizes, and dates
  • Multiple options to automatically mark the duplicates to be removed
  • Options to delete permanently, delete to Recycle Bin, move to a backup location, or copy the duplicate files
Windows 11 Duplicate Finder Filtering Options

Windows 11 Duplicate Finder Filtering Options

Find Duplicate PDF Files

FDFF was already capable of finding duplicate PDF files. Unfortunately, preview for those files was missing and you had to open the files using Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view their content. This new release provides both thumbnail and a large preview of Adobe PDFs. As a result, it is now very easy to compare one or more PDF files side by side. Luckily, there is no need to open Adobe Acrobat and switch between windows in order to visually compare the pdf documents.

PDF files are quite complex and that is the reason why many applications do not support them. We are proud to announce that our duplicate remover is the only one that can preview PDF files. Finding and viewing duplicate PDF documents is now way easier.

Windows 11 Clone Remover New Features

As noted earlier we have provided Windows 11 support in our duplicate finder. As Windows 11 is not official yet we will continue improving and adding new features until the final Windows 11 is released.

Alongside the Windows 11 support, we have included an in-application preview of Adobe Acrobat PDF files. You no longer need to open the PDF files in Acrobat Reader in order to view their content. The PDF files are displayed in the small thumbnails preview windows. Correspondingly the large preview windows can now be used as a full-featured PDF viewer too.

As you already know FDFF can export the projects to EXCEL CSV files. In this release, we have dramatically improved the performance of the export. You can now export millions of files in less than a minute.

The new duplicate finder release includes some small bug fixes and improvements too. For instance, we have refined the support for symbolic links. To clarify, the tool already supported symbolic links, but it now can handle better some more complex situations.

We have fixed also two minor bugs in this release. One of them is related to the “Locate in Explorer” feature. The tool was opening the file location but wasn’t selecting the file in the list. The other fix is related to the file names letter case. The issue we present only in the “Similar File Names” scan mode. If you performed a move or copy operation the file names would become lowercased. Unlike in UNIX and Linux operating systems, the letter cases are not important in the Windows file system. Nevertheless, the tool should not modify the letter casing of the files and this issue is now solved.

Duplicate Finder Download & Information Links

Download the best free Windows 11 Duplicate File Finder and organize your data and save valuable disk space.

You can find all the changes on the product’s What’s New page.

We are glad to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Please share them in the comments section below.

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