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Create image gallery automatically using the free Easy Web Gallery Builder. Our web gallery builder can create thumbnails from your images automatically and supports hundreds of image formats including RAW and PSD. Easily add photos to an existing gallery or change the styles. You do not need to know HTML or CSS. The tool will generate the HTML and CSS code for you automatically. Add the created galleries to an existing page or upload them as separate pages or sections on your website.

Create Image Galleries

Easy Web Gallery Builder is the most advanced tool for creating image galleries. It will let you tweak all the options of the HTML pages. Those include colors, fonts, styles, frames, navigations, titles, descriptions, and everything else.

All you need to do is to add your images and the tool will create the image galleries automatically. It can convert your images to a web-friendly format automatically. Supports ALL popular image formats including more than 300 RAW Camera images. If required high-quality thumbnails will be generated too in order to save your server resources. Generating thumbnails reduces the load on your server and reduces data transfer.

Create Image Gallery

Create Image Gallery

Create Image Gallery Thumbnails

As with all other aspects of the web galleries, you can fully customize the thumbnails too. For example, here you can set thumbnail dimensions and quality. In addition to that, many resize methods are available and you can use them in various cases. An option to keep the image aspect ratio automatically is available too. Set it to prevent the thumbnails from being squeezed. Various options are available for the thumbnail description text and also the alt text. Moreover, some of them like the file name, size, dates, etc. will be extracted automatically. There is also an option to manually fill those properties.

An “Add Drop Shadow” will add a smooth shadow to the thumbnails without the need for CSS3 or HTML5.

Multiple options for customizing the navigation are available in the “Thumbnail Pages” tab. That is to say, It includes the navigation buttons, titles, captions, and thumbnail grid arrangement.

Create Image Galleries With Thumbnails

Create Image Galleries With Thumbnails

You can find a complete tutorial on how to create thumbnail galleries here.

Automatically add Watermarks to Images

Web Gallery Builder can also add watermarks to your images automatically. Therefore, that will protect your intellectual property by adding your website or logo to your images. The watermark is highly customizable too and can be either an image or a text. In addition, you can set a position or use a random position for every image. Options for transparency, shadows, and other properties are also available.

The tutorial that we have pointed in the thumbnails section above contains information on how to customize the image watermarks too.

Web Gallery Builder New Features

Version is a minor update and adds a new option to the thumbnail description and alt texts. Now you can set “Filename (without extension)” for those properties. There was already an option to set the “Filename”, but it included the file extension too.

Look at the What’s New Page for all the new features of the tool.

An example of the web galleries that Easy Web Gallery Builder creates can be found here: Web Photo Galleries

Tutorials on How to Create Web Galleries are also available.

Download the free Web Gallery Builder and start creating your image galleries now.

Please comment below if you miss a feature or you have a suggestion for improvement. We value our customers and we will be glad to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Create Image Gallery With Thumbnails Automatically – CSS & HTML

  1. Bill Curtis

    I am not computer savy so I am asking my cousin to start to start a blog for me using my thumb nails as an index.
    But I would like him to build it and then teach me how to keep it up adding additional pictures. I didn’t want to impose in him every time I have an addition. It would only be a for a single blog site. Would we both have to purchase the program?

  2. MindGems Support Post author

    Our licenses are PER user.
    Your cousin can use the free version if you do not want to purchase a license.

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