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MindGems Reviews – has been based on an analysis of facts found online in public sources and user votes. Read honest MindGems reviews with real examples and evidence.

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Are you looking for MindGems Reviews? Then you are in the very right place for that. MindGems is more than 20 years on the market and provides the best tools of their kind on the Internet. Can you trust MindGems and online review websites?

If you are looking for user reviews, I am afraid that I will have to disappoint you. Here is a simple reference to a reputable source like CNBC: Roughly 31% of reviews found on ecommerce sites like Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy are suspected fakes, according to one 2021 analysis.

I Saw Bad Reviews About MindGems

Most reviews on the Internet are fake and very often they are the result of negative SEO – competitors posting negative reviews about their competitors. This article for example is inspired by the shady site named TrustPilot.

As we got a few questions from our customers regarding the negative reviews we checked and contacted them. There were just two reviews that are obviously fake as their content does not match the facts, You can easily check those facts online and on our website. Nevertheless “Trust” pilots (I’m sorry they can neither be trusted nor they are pilots) replied that they do not care that the reviews are fake and they will not remove them. Even though they could clearly see the evidence.

Let’s see why would they do that. Well, they provide paid services for companies to manage reviews on their website. If you subscribe and pay you can remove reviews. Does it seem right to you? It definitely doesn’t seem right to us and we have no intention to finance that.

On the other hand, after those reviews were published we received email offers to remove our negative reviews on their website from “third” parties. Were those emails coming from third parties? Do those third parties have a relation to TrustPilot? How likely is it for negative reviews to appear and for someone immediately to offer you to remove them for a fee? What a magical coincidence! I believe you can answer those questions yourself.

Can TrustPilot be Trusted?

The short answer is absolutely NO and that is not our own opinion. Let’s see what others are thinking about their activities. Here are some quotes:

Donโ€™t trust the reviews

This site is clearly not independent and actively works with companies to remove less than favourable reviews. I have recently had an experience where itโ€™s taken 3 months to get a review verified after originally posting it via a link from the company I bought the product from. Their requirements for proof of purchase are ridiculous and they work on the premise that most people will give up in frustration.
As someone who buys a lot online, I use what I think are independent review sites all the time. Trustpilot is certainly not on that list.

Sourcer: https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/trustpilot



January 28th, 2023

Obviously uses tactics to prevent users from even submitting reviews. They allowed Swappa to belittle me and they flagged me all because I confronted them. Both Swappa and TrustPilot work as a group of terrorists. Do not use either place. Seriously, don’t use them, ever.SCAM
January 28th, 2023

Source: https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/trustpilot.com

TrustPilot Review

Con artists! You can buy good reviews and they delete bad reviews.
December 16th, 2020

They are a con! Should be banned from the internet. They allow companies that pay for the service to manipulate the feedback received.

See this example: RMG UK had feedback of “poor” in 2018/2019. RMG writes dozen of fake feedbacks daily and since the beginning of this year, their feedback climbed from “poor” to “average”. I and several victims of RMG complained to Trustpilot and their compliance department was beyond useless.

Source: https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/trustpilot.com#480

TrustPilot Can Not Be Trusted

Very recently deleted my review of a big bank. Censorship like Twitter
November 1st, 2022

Always trusted Trustpilot in the past. Was recently very surprised with their pro-big bank deletion of my obviously real post which is similar to the last 10 negative reviews. This bank has a 1.2 rating. Then I saw that Trustpilot sells its services to companies now. Well, that is a conflict of interest imo. Yelp is another site that gets paid by companies. So, be aware. Buyer beware.

Source: https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/trustpilot.com#1547

TrustPilot Nonsense

The list is endless – we have provided the sources. You can read all the reviews if you want to.

Where to Find Honest MindGems Reviews?

Before answering this question let me ask you something first. How many positive reviews did you write? The answer is probably close to zero. That is why, if you do not see a lot of negative reviews about a company either they are not very popular or their competitors and companies like TrustPilot have not spammed about them yet.

The best thing to do is not to trust online reviews and evaluate the services and tools yourself. That is why we provide free demos of our tools so that you can test them to see if they fit your needs or not prior to placing an order. We also provide free versions of our tools and PRO versions with extra features. Even if a service or a tool is good for someone, it does not mean that it will work for you. So even an honest positive review might not do any good.

On the other hand, if you see negative reviews about a product and skip it, you might end up buying a poor tool from a competitor that paid for reviews. This article does not apply to MindGems Reviews only. It applies to any product or service review on the Internet.

In other words – there is no better review than your own review. Download the tool, test it, and make up your mind – do not trust fake information on the Internet. Get a trial or a demo. Ask a friend or a relative about a service or a tool.

Google and the TOP 10, Best 15, Fastest 20, Easiest 5 Results

If you have searched for reviews you have seen that Google is not too helpful with its results either. If you search for the “Best Duplicate Image Finder” for example all that you will get are hundreds of poor blogs with the title “BEST/TOP X Duplicate Image Finder of 202X for Windows”. Those lists are sponsored too and do not reflect any real tests. In addition, they are written in very poor “Indian-English” and half of the text does not even make sense.

Those articles are written with the sole purpose of ranking on Google and displaying ads or promoting paid listings at the top of the articles. Writing an objective and proper review of a tool requires a lot of time. The reviewer should install, test, research, compare, read help files, and look at online resources for the reviewed applications. You can easily understand that writing a proper TOP 20 article could take months to complete.

It is pity that Google can not provide decent results from reputable sources instead of listing such spam blogs. Do not get me wrong – there are good resources on the Internet. The issue is that those resources can not be found using Google or Bing as the Internet is spammed to death with fake articles and fake reviews.

How to Spot Honest and Genuine Reviews

Here is an example of a real unsponsored review: https://digital-photography-school.com/solving-problem-duplicate-photos/

Can it be found on Google? Probably not on the first 5 pages and most of the users do not look further than the first 5 results.

You can easily spot the signals that this is a legitimate genuine review

First, the article is on a reputable photography website and has 12 thousand shares. Then, take a quick look at the article itself.

  1. The reviewer has put her own screenshots that describe exactly the features that she tests. A fake article would contain generic screenshots or ones taken from the product page.
  2. Reading the article it becomes clear that she has a deep understanding of how the tool works. She has studied, tested, and read the product documentation in order to write that article. A poor article usually contains several standard paragraphs – add folders, click scan, look at the results, and delete or move. You would not see any details about special features and options in a fake review.
  3. Finally, look at the author’s profile page: https://digital-photography-school.com/author/hbradley/ Take a look at the rest of her articles and her online presence and profiles. It is immediately clear that the article is not written by some Indian guy with zero understanding of the topic. Helen Bradley obviously is a respected journalist with good skills in the field and is competent enough to review such tools.

Those are just a few of the things that you should look at in order to distinguish between a fake and a genuine review. You should trust forums and blogs that you are familiar with instead of reading the “TOP” results on Google.


Who wins and who loses from those results and reviews? Obviously, we both lose. You lose because you waste time searching and you are misled with fake reviews and Google results and end up purchasing a poor tool. We lose because we prefer to improve our tools and provide quality rather than wasting time to combat spammers and fake reviews. If we decide to waste our time and go fight fake reviews and spam we will have poor tools like everyone else which is not an option either.

It would be best if Google didn’t list poor sites like TrustPilot and articles that are obviously written by people that have zero knowledge of the topic that they are writing about. Unfortunately, the reality at the moment is different and things are getting worse in the last decade.

If you are satisfied with our tools please take a minute and share and review them in order to combat such scammers, fake reviews, and poor search results.

Thank you for your support!


14 thoughts on “MindGems Reviews – Honest User Reports

  1. Lynn Myers

    Very well put. I do not know how we can combat such shady practices like the ones of TrustPilots.
    I usually can tell between a fake and honest review, but most novice users can not. My mother would never suspect that TrustPilot is such a scam. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Alina J

    I’m using your free tools for years now. I never thought about reviews, but I will go and post some now.
    I can’t believe the shady practices of TrustPilot – I always thought they were ok.

  3. David J Smith

    I know that most reviews on the internet are fake, but I didn’t knew that they blackmail companies with that.
    Those mfs are really patheric.
    Keep up the good work and thank you for your tools.

  4. Juli

    Thank you for sharing.
    I love your tools, I always recommended them to friends and relatives. I will take some times to review.

  5. Daniel E

    Thank you for sharing this.
    I personally do not care about such nonsense. I use your tools for ages – they are the best EVER!
    Thank you.

  6. Adrian

    Wow TrustPilot is such a scam web site. I read the links that you posted….omg I did believe that site.

  7. Alice M

    You’ve got great products, you should not worry about negative review. Only a fool will believe those, and fools do not use software ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. William B

    Comprehensive article – the Internet is no longer what it supposed to be 15-20 years ago. It’s all spam and lies now and censorship.
    Thank you for providing those free tools for us – I will vote for you everywhere I can.

  9. Amanda Abigale

    I use your free Folder Size tool for years, I can not believe that anyone would post fake nonsense even after using free software.
    Unbelievable! I do support you!

  10. Jack Wilshire

    Thank you for providing links to the sources, I would not believe this if they were not there.
    Keep up the great work. You have my votes!

  11. George V

    I posted a positive review about you on TrustPilot and it was delete. Such a shame, they are scammers indeed. Now I am sure.

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