Find Similar And Duplicate WebP Images – VS Duplicate Image Finder

Find Similar WebP


Find Similar And Duplicate WebP Images

Find Similar And Duplicate WebP Images

Find duplicate WebP images – VSDIF

The latest version of Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder provides support for the WebP image format. Google announced it as a new open standard for lossy compressed true-color graphics on the web. Current WebP implementation supports both lossy and lossless compression including alpha (transparency) channel. (Find more information on the WebP image format below)

The corrupt DNG images issue

We received complaints from our users who use Adobe Lightroom and DNG files. They reported that VSDIF may crash on preview and/or scan of damaged DNG files. Our research on the topic found many forum posts regarding DNG files and Adobe Lightroom – Google for “dng+files+lightroom+corrupt”
We have not investigated those in detail. If you have experienced issues with DNG files you should check those posts. Also, make sure to check the version of Adobe Lightroom that you are using. We have not analyzed those in detail nor do we claim that a relation between the damaged DNG files and Lightroom exists. According to the search results, such a possibility can not be excluded. The latest version of VSDIF can not load the DNG files as they are corrupt, but it will not crash.

We have already provided a pre-release fix for the above issue to all our customers. It is included in this new version too.

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WebP – A new image format for the Web

Here is a quote from Google:

” WebP is a modern image format that provides superior lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. Using WebP, webmasters and web developers can create smaller, richer images that make the web faster.”

Announced in 2010 the format aimed to produce smaller files of similar image quality to the popular JPEG scheme. Later Google announced WebP support for animation. They added support for ICC profile, XMP metadata, and tiling (compositing very large images from maximum 16384×16384 tiles) too. Google began to experiment with lossless compression and support for transparency (alpha channel) in both lossless and lossy modes; support has been enabled by default in libwebp 0.2.0 (16 August 2012). According to Google’s tests a conversion from PNG to WebP results in a 45% reduction in file size when using PNGs found on the Internet. A 28% reduction in size was achieved when compared to PNGs that are re-compressed with pngcrush or PNGOUT.

WebP Support

Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, the Opera browser, and other tools and software libraries support natively WebP. Developers have also added support to a variety of image editing tools.

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