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Find Similar MP3 – Audio Dedupe 64 Bit

Audio Dedupe –  Find Similar Songs

Audio Dedupe is the best tool for finding similar and duplicate songs. It can compare audio files even if they are stored in different audio formats. This is a task that no standard duplicate finder can achieve. If the songs have titles and artists the tool can search those for similarities too. Find what is new in this release below.

Fast Save, Load and Export

Fast is actually not very proper description for this optimization as it can be hundreds of times faster on large projects. The code is completely redesigned and provides lighting fast performance. It can load, save or export hundreds of thousands of results in seconds.

Option “Match full path” in Advanced Auto-Check

This option makes it possible to exclude folder names that contain certain characters or words in the name. In past version there was an option to match only file names.

Duplicates and scanned files count

Duplicates and scanned files count are displayed above the results grid.

Download: Find Similar Songs

Find Similar MP3

Find Similar Songs

All improvements in this release can be found on the Duplicate MP3 Finder’s What’s new page

Do you have suggestions? Do you miss a feature? Let us know in the comments below. We will be glad to hear from you!

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