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The Fastest and The Most Precise Free Duplicate File Finder Just Got Even Better and Faster

MindGems Inc. tools are recognized for their quality and performance and the FREE Fast Duplicate File Finder makes no exception. Version of this popular freeware duplicate remover tool adds even more features and performance improvements.

Two search modes in this release are optimized. The improvements in the “100% Equal Files” mode are tremendous when scanning large file volumes. The improved algorithm can be thousands of times faster depending on the quantity and size of the scanned files. There are huge performance optimizations also for the auto-check and the final stage of the scan where the application required longer time to finalize for large quantities of files.

The “Similar Files” mode which is available in the PRO version of the product is now also optimized and more stable. Nevertheless let me remind here that this is not the commonly advertised FUZZY search method that provides low quality results. The search for similar files inside Fast Duplicate File Finder PRO performs advanced algorithms in order to find truly similar files and can recognize two similar documents even if entire paragraphs are rearranged.

Some additional command line options are added to the PRO version of the tool in order to help with the automation of duplicate finding tasks. To the already present -run option our developers have added the options -s and -exp.

-exp <semicolon delimited list of export formats> – Export command line parameter. Depending on the file extension will export the corresponding file type. Multiple formats can be exported at once by separating the paths with semicolons. The variables {DATE} and {TIME} will be replaced with the current date and time.

-s – stands for SILENT. Using the option the GUI will not be displayed during the scan and the application will exit after the command line actions are processed.

Example: DupFileFinder.exe -run -s -exp “c:result_{DATE} {TIME}.xml;c:result_{DATE} {TIME}.fdff;c:result_{DATE} {TIME}.csv”

The {DATE} and {TIME} variables are useful to keep track of the scan data and tag it with the corresponding date and time.

While Fast Duplicate File Finder is a great free tool, I would recommend you to check also the dedicated duplicate photo finder and duplicate music finder tools that are designed to organize photo and music collections. While Fast Duplicate File Finder can find duplicate files of any type you can read here why we provide dedicated duplicate finder tools.

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