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We are proud to announce that version of the award-winning Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder application is now released and available for download. There are plenty of new features and major changes in this version of the tool.

VSDIF now adds full support for UNICODE file names. What this mean is that the application can handle file names in any alphabet simultaneously. Older versions of the application could handle file name only in two alphabets at the same time.

There is a huge performance improvement in the comparison phase where the application now utilizes all the cores of a CPU. This means that on Intel i5 CPU with 4 cores that phase will run at least 4 times faster.

There is a new EXIF information panel added to the right of the results list. This panel will display the EXIF data for the currently selected image in the list. The folders and scan settings panel provide a collapse feature in order to make room for the new EXIF panel while reviewing the results.

An extra option in the auto-check panel provides features to select files with newer dates.

Improvements to the preview panel are applied too. The “First in group” image is now updated when the list is sorted. There is an option to ALT-Click an image from the results list in order to update the “First in group” image.

Improved folders list – added display of the Exclude From Auto-check and Exclude From Self-scan features. As you already know these handy features make it possible to compare two or more folders against each other and also select a “source” folder in order to exclude the items inside from auto-check.

There are plenty of other small fixes and GUI improvements. Click here to find the complete list of changes in VSDIF

Visit the Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder product page.

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2 thoughts on “VSDIF 5 – Duplicate Photo Finder Adds Unicode Support and EXIF Information

  1. Anna Cunnane

    Email mail me your response.

    Which is most current he Visual Similarity duplicate Image Finder Programs? How much is it? Is there a video on it for preview prior to purchasing? How long will it take to run 95GB of photos? Can it be used on Window 7 operating system and Microsoft 10?

    Thank you Anna

  2. admin Post author

    Hello Anna
    The link in the above article points to the product page that provides all the information that you need.
    1. Current version is
    2. There are Standard, PRO and Corporate versions – all prices and discounts are listed on the order page.
    3. There is something better than a video – a FREE DEMO. The demo limitations are listed on the download page.
    4. It all depends on the speed of your storage and the type of the files. Download the FREE demo to test your files.
    5. Yes it supports ALL Windows operating systems up to Windows 8.1 including Windows 7 and all their server and x64, x86 modifications.

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