Low On Disk Space? Freeware Folder Size 3 is Released With FULL UNICODE Support



Folder Size

Folder Size

Analyze Hard Drives – Free Up Gigabytes of Disk Space in Seconds

Folder Size version is released – a major version packed with plenty of new features and improvements. What is so important about this update?

Unicode ( Multi-language ) Folder Size Analysis

Folder Size did already scan files in multiple languages, but it could scan files in no more than 2 Languages at the same time. The second language had to be set as a language for non-unicode applications in the settings panel of Windows. This is no longer necessary and Folder Size can scan files in any language at the same time.

Folder Size Unicode (Multi-Language)

Folder Size Unicode (Multi-Language)

Analyze File Sizes of Multiple Hard Drives or Network Locations Simultaneously

There is a brand new dialog box that can be used to select multiple drives or folder to be scanned. If there are more than one physical drives in the computer this will reduce the scan time dramatically as the only speed limit in the application is the one of the hard drive. The scan type switches automatically to drive or folder depending on the selection. If a combination is needed the drives can be added to the folders list via the “Add Folder” button. UNC paths can be added in the folders list for network locations – e.g. \servernamec$ etc. The command line and drag’n’drop scan operations now support parallel scan too. Here is a preview of the new “Scan Multiple Locations” dialog:

Scan Multiple Locations - Drive Size Analysis

Scan Multiple Locations – Drive Size Analysis

Bug fixes & Improved Folder Navigation

Using a mouse with forward and back buttons? Well this version supports them and you can use them for navigation the same way as in Windows Explorer. This release includes a lot of small bug fixes and improvement too, but they are not worth mentioning here. A full change-log can be found here.

You can download Folder Size for free.

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