Best Duplicate Image Finder 2020 – Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

Best Duplicate Image Finder


The Best Duplicate Image Finder of 2020 Is Here

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder is recognized as the best tool for finding similar images and duplicate photos. It supports 40+ popular image formats including Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop PSD. There are also more than 300 Cameras RAW image formats supported for professionals and hobbyists.

VSDIF Version provides extra performance improvements for drives with huge count of images and also extends the data stored in the project files.

Performance Improvements

We have completely redesigned the core scan functionality of VSDIF in order to squeeze even more performance. This improvement will be mainly noticeable on drives that have a large count of files.  Of course, it will be beneficial for all systems in general.

Filtering Improvements

By optimizing the search engine we have optimized also the filtering of the duplicate images. Filters that you apply prior to running a scan, now work faster and will reduce the scan duration further.

Image Finder Project Files

We save the options “Do not compare file extensions” and “Compare only files with same extensions”. They are stored both in the settings and in the project files in this new release.

Deduplicating an image collection is not something that a common duplicate file finder can do. if you have stored your photos in varying photo formats no duplicate finder that is specifically designed for images will be able to help. That is why we provide a dedicated tool to solve the problem of duplicate photos. Here is a detailed explanation about Which duplicate file finder to choose.

VSDIF provides optimized algorithms and “looks” at your photos in order to find similarities. It is the tools with the highest precision, fastest performance and the one with the largest quantity of supported image formats. If a tool can not load an image it can not compare and identify it as a duplicate either. So the more image formats a tool supports the more clones it can find.

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