Fast Duplicate File Finder – Greatly Improved Speed in “100% Equal Files” mode



Find Duplicate Files Free

Free Duplicate File Finder

The Update of Fast Duplicate File Finder Provides Even Faster Scan Without Compromising Precision

Fast Duplicate File Finder is the leading duplicate file finder tool on the market and provides accuracy, performance and plenty of features. While most duplicate finders compare MD5, CRC, size, dates, names and other unreliable properties in order to find duplicates FDFF guarantees faultless results. Fast Duplicate File Finder (FDFF) performs real byte-to-byte comparison and guarantees that the identified files are 100% duplicates.

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A list of all the new features can be found on the Duplicate File Finder’s What’s new page.

Greatly Improved Duplicate Finder Performance

The application performance and its precision are the two most important aspects of Fast Duplicate File Finder and MindGems continues to improve the tool in both aspects.

The scan speed in the “100% equal files” mode is greatly improved. The performance impact is most evident when comparing large files with different content.

Find Duplicate Files Free

Free Duplicate File Finder

Added two new “After Scan” options – “Save project and display results” and “Save project and close application”

The “Save project and display results” and “Save project and close application” features are handy when performing a large scan and leaving the computer unattended. These features guarantee that the results will be saved even if a power failure occur and as a result the computer shuts down or restarts. The “After Scan” options are performed as the name suggests immediately after the scan process is completed.

Do you have suggestions? Do you miss a feature? Let us know in the comments below. We will be glad to hear from you!

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1 thought on “Fast Duplicate File Finder – Greatly Improved Speed in “100% Equal Files” mode

  1. Joh

    Hi. I’m a pro user and love the program. Very helpful every day.
    One feature I would be interested in having is the ability to match the names of duplicates (maybe even the extension). So, for eg, if I have a master folder A and make a backup B, and then later on make some file name changes in A, such as “abc.pdf” to “Smith 1990.pdf”, FDFF would have the option to rename the duplicate “abc.pdf” in B to “Smith 1990.pdf” also. Basically, if FDFF can tell some files are the same byte-for-byte, to have the option to make files match even further through renaming. This would make the tool great for cases where duplication is desired, as in backups.
    Any chance for a feature like this? Thank you for your consideration and the great product.

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