F-Secure Review – Worst And Unreliable Antivirus Tool – Incorrect Scan Results



FSecure Is Unreliable And Does Not Detect Viruses Properly

If F-Secure reports our tools as malware or ones that contain viruses just go ahead and uninstall F-Secure. That is the worst “antivirus” tool that you may have chosen out of all the available on the internet. Even free tools like Avast and others have much better detection algorithms.

Please note that F-Secure does not have problem with our tools only – it will incorrectly report many other tools too.

This article applies also to Bit Defender, Trend-Micro and the Chinese Qihoo – 360 – Total Security. These tools are totally unreliable with complete lack of support and we recommend you not only to ignore their false detection, but to switch to a better free alternative like Avast or other.

The Incorrect Virus Detection Approach Of F-Secure

F-secure tools are designed wrong in the first place. While other antivirus applications check for virus signatures in a file, F-Secure does the opposite and assumes a file a virus until proven otherwise. So you can understand that you will not be able to use at least 90% of the applications on the internet.

What Provokes This Review

We have contacted F-Secure zillions of times to fix this issue. The result of this is:

1. Support is totally inadequate. It is very hard to reach them and when you do so their response is total nonsense.

2. They are unable to fix their issues and demand us to pay fees in order to fix their problems. Of course that is not going to happen – all popular antivirus tools properly detect our software as SAFE to use.

3. Please have in mind that our tools do not contain even advertisements and containing viruses is absolutely out of question.

4. If you do have doubts about any application you can use reliable online scanners like virustotal.com That site allows you to upload a file and scans it with 40+ popular antivirus applications so that you can be absolutely sure that a file is safe.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have no intention to pay F-Secure or any other so called “antivirus” tool vendor to fix their issues. It is for your own good to switch to a better solution.

If you prefer to keep any of the above mentioned poor imitations of antivirus applications you can report them FALSE POSITIVE and notify them that their tools do not work.

Did you experience any issues with F-Secure? Drop us a message in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “F-Secure Review – Worst And Unreliable Antivirus Tool – Incorrect Scan Results

  1. John Naughton

    I got F Secure through Virgin Media one year free for up to 5 appliances but when I log in to my account I find that apart from my PC the other items ie my laptop and my phone have indications when clicked on states: Licence not activated? Am I covered or not?.

  2. MindGems Support Post author

    That antivirus tool can only ruin the performance of your devices. As noted using a free alternative is better than using a “free” 1 year subscription.

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