Fast Duplicate File Finder is released.



Find Duplicate Files Free

Free Duplicate File Finder

Fast Duplicate File Finder Packed With New Features And Improvements

Fast Duplicate File Finder is recognized as the the fastest and the most reliable duplicate finder on the market. Any tool that claims faster performance compares MD5, CRC, size, dates, names or other unreliable properties which may lead to incorrect results and loss of valuable data. Fast Duplicate File Finder (FDFF) performs real byte-to-byte comparison and guarantees that the identified files are 100% duplicates. If a tool finds more duplicates than FDFF that is not a sign of better performance – it is a sign of poor detection algorithm and one should really check the results provided by such tools deeper with a proper DIFF tool or a HEX editor.

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New Duplicate Finder Features

Exclude Folders or Subfolders From Auto-Check

A new feature in the “Advanced auto-check” options – “Match full path” makes it possible to exclude multiple folder names from the auto-check feature by specifying patterns with wildcards or folder names. While there is an option to exclude a folder from auto-check in the folders list, the new feature provides a more flexible way of doing that. Also the new option makes it possible to specify subfolder names that are not listed in the folders list. Multiple patterns or folder names can be specified by separating them with a vertical line ( Symbol: | ).

Find Duplicate Files Free

Free Duplicate File Finder

Backup Duplicate Files

While the main goal of a duplicate finder is to remove duplicates there are certain cases where duplicates should be intentionally copied/duplicated. These usually are required for backup/sync purposes. The new option “Copy checked files” helps exactly in such cases.

Additional improvements in the Copy/Move/Delete panel make it easier to read and configure.

A list of all the new features can be found on the Duplicate File Finder’s What’s new page.

Do you have suggestions? Do you miss a feature? Let us know in the comments below. We will be glad to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “Fast Duplicate File Finder is released.

  1. Patrick Harris

    For me the last part of the file name is the key for finding duplicate files.

    File names assigned by cameras are just to the left of the file extension

    IMG_12345.jpg. PIC123456.jpg. or similar – length varies between cameras – I can deal with that 🙂

    I have renamed about 20000 jpg to a format similar to yyyy-mm-dd-hh-mm-ss-Description-IMG_1234.jpg

    The Description length varies considerably

    How can I search for only the last part of the file name. IMG_?????.jpg or PIC123456

    I appears that your wildcards deal only with directories.

    Thank you,

  2. MindGems Support Post author

    You can use our free Fast Duplicate File Finder to do that and use the option for finding Similar File Names.

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