Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder – Enhanced DICOM images support



Duplicate Image Finder

Duplicate Image Finder

A new major release of Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder is available for download.  Using the Pause/Resume functionality you can temporarily stop VSDIF in order to perform some tasks and later resume the scan. A Quick Check/Uncheck functionality allows you to check/uncheck files by their folder, extension, file size, file date, etc. You can now add/remove multiple folders at once in the filter dialog. A new option “Quick load images” is added, which was until now always on.  If you have some strange results showing absolutely different images as duplicates, then turn this option off. This issue is caused by damaged images that can not be properly loaded when “Quick load images” option is enabled. An enhanced DICOM images support is added. This release also includes  other small bug fixes and GUI improvements.

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