File Size Analysis – Folder Size



File Size Analysis

File Size Analysis

Analyzing file sizes has never been easier. Version of our Free Folder Size application is now available for download.

Data is no longer stored in the application folder to prevent issues in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. We provide Folder Size Portable instead, which will store all the data files in its start-up folder. File size analysis is now even easier with the portable version as it does not require installation and you can carry it on your USB Flash drive wherever you go.

An issue is fixed that caused a crash in Folder Size if Adobe Flash was not installed. The link to the Adobe Flash in Folder Size will pop up in a new Internet Explorer window for easier installation.

A new options dialog will let you enable/disable error logging, set the thread priority and set the columns hidden/visible state.

The folder names in the chart are now enclosed in square brackets so that you can easier distinguish files and folders.

File Size Analysis
Folder Size – Freeware

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