Audio Dedupe Music Manager – Organize Songs in Windows 8



Audio Dedupe - Music Manager

Audio Dedupe - Music Manager

Remove Duplicate Songs, Find Similar MP3 Files, Save Valuable Disk Space with Audio Dedupe Music Manager

Finding similar songs and organizing audio files has never been easier. Version of the popular duplicate mp3 finder Audio Dedupe is released and available for download.

There are plenty of new features and performance improvements in the latest Audio Dedupe relese. The latest version of Windows 8 is now fully supported.

This brand new release utilizes the new cache system that was introduced in our duplicate photo finder application recently and brings immense performance improvement. Searching for duplicate mp3 files can be more than 1000 (thousand) times faster when using the cache.

The filtering dialog now provides an option to exclude certain files based on different properties like type, location, size, date, name and more. This provides a lot more flexibility when searching for duplicate songs.

There is a new option in “Quick Check” – “Check All Except First in Group”. A new option “Show warning if all files in a group are marked for deleting” provides a higher reliability and will warn if someone tries to delete all the copies of the same song.

Project loading times are optimized and now large projects will be loaded much faster. A new command-line -p option to save the project after scan is added.

There are quite some optimizations applied to the “Browse for folder” dialog. It now displays much faster and can navigate to a path that is pasted from the clipboard. There is also ‘drag and drop’ support available inside Audio Dedupe and you can drag your folder from Windows Explorer inside the application in order to include them in the scan.

There are plenty of other small bug fixes and improvements that you can find listed in the What’s New section.

Find Similar MP3 Files - Music Manager

Find Similar MP3 Files - Music Manager

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