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Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder - Tutorials

How To Find Duplicate Images

Start the program. The main window will appear.

Find Duplicate Images
photo compare

1) Add folder(s) that you want to scan using "Add Folder" button (1)
Note: You can disable scanning a folder if you double click on the folder name. This is useful if you want to recursively scan a folder, but you want not to scan some folders inside
2) Check the first column in the folders grid on the folders that you want to be excluded from the Auto-check functionality (2). Check the second column if you want to disable folder from scanning for duplicates inside itself. (The second option is available only in Pro and Corporate versions of the program)
3) Select "Visual Compare" method from the drop down list (3).
Note: "CRC32 Checksum" method do not scan images for visual similarity. Using this method you can find only 100% binary equal images. "File Size" method will find duplicates with equal file sizes.
4) Adjust the "Similarity" spin button with the desired value (4). The default similarity value is 95%.
Note: Similarity value is used only when the selected method is "Visual Compare".
5) Select "<New Cache>" from "Cache" drop down list (5) or existing cache if you have previously created one.
Note: Using image cache files speeds up the first phase of the scanning process. It is recommended to use new cache only on folders you still didn't scan.
inside the selected folder.
6) Before starting the scan process you can exclude different files or folders by using the Filter tool button (6)

Filter Images
search duplicate photos

The settings shown in the example will adjust the filter so files from C:\My Documents\ folder, files having PSD or TIF extension and files smaller than 50 bytes won't be scanned.
7) Press "Start Scan" button (7)

After the scanning process is finished the following screen will appear:

Duplicate Images Result
find similar images

Duplicate images are grouped in groups with different color. Depending on the "Auto Check" settings, the program can automatically check the smaller images in every duplicate group. If you have un/checked some duplicates by hand, you can always use "Auto Check " button (1) or you can use the "Quick Check" tool button (2) to check the images by various criteria.

Quick Check Duplicate Images
find similar images

By using "Quick Check" and the settings in the above dialog all PSD images in C:\CD\ folder and all images smaller than 500 bytes will be checked.

You can always use the preview images tab to compare the images and then check the image to be delete.

Duplicate Images Preview
find duplicate pictures

Duplicate Images Multi Preview

After checking which files you want to move or delete press "Move Checked Files" (3) or "Delete Checked Files" button (4)

You can delete the checked files to the Recycle Bin if you checked "Delete files to Recycle Bin" option. Otherwise the files will be deleted permanently.
You can move the checked files to a custom folder if you adjust "Move checked files to ..." option selecting the destination folder. Duplicates folder structure will be maintained in the selected folder.

From this version the duplicates list supports multiple selection and you can select files using mouse and Ctrl/Shift keys. Note the difference between checked and selected files. You can then delete the selected files from the list and from the hard disk using the Delete key.


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