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MINDGEMS INC. SUPPORT SECTION - Duplicate Finder, Duplicate Photo Finder, Folder Size, Screen Capture, Web Gallery Builder

Support - Online Bug Report

Reporting a bug using our online form is quick, easy and safe. Please click the link below, fill in the form and send it to us. We will contact you as soon as possible. If you don't like online forms you can always use the email address listed below, but please give as much as possible details in your mail. Most of the questions are already answered on the product's FAQ page, please check for an answer there first.

The FAQ Page of every product can be reached by navigating to the corresponding product section via the home page or the products page. In the product navigation bar at the top of the product listing select FAQ to list all the common questions regarding this tool.

Support - Email Support

Check the product's frequently asked questions page. Maybe the answer for your question is already there. If not, please drop a mail to our support team.

Please provide screen shots, project files, sample files or other materials that may be important when you e-mail your questions. This will let our engineers investigate the issue immediately instead of e-mailing back to request such data.

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