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How Long To Download A File? Calculate Download Speed!

File Size Informaion

Estaimate the time needed to download a file over various internet connection speeds / types.
Enter the file size in the field below and specify the file size measure units in the drop box.

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Connection Speed Time (DD:HH:MM:SS)
9.6 Kbps
14.4 Kbps
28.8 Kbps
33.6 Kbps
56 Kbps
64 Kbps (ISDN)
128 Kbps (ISDN-2)
256 Kbps
512 Kbps
1.024 Mbps
1.544 Mbps (DS1, T1)
2.048 Mbps (E1, ISDN-32)
Connection Speed Time (DD:HH:MM:SS)
10 Mbps (10Base-T)
25.6 Mbps (ATM25)
34 Mbps (E3)
45 Mbps (DS3, T3)
51 Mbps (OC1)
100 Mbps (100Base-T)
155 Mbps (OC3)
622 Mbps (OC12)
1 Gbps (1000Base-T)
2.4 Gbps (OC48)
10 Gbps (OC192)
100 Gbps

File Size

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File Size

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