Windows 8 Folder Size – Mixed “Largest files and folders” report



File Size Analysis

Windows 8 Folder Size

Folder Size is now fully compatible with the Windows 8 operating system. The new release has also improved memory management for both 32 and 64 bit operating systems and can now utilize up to 3 Gb of memory on 32 bit operating systems and 4 gb on 64 bit.

Read here how to enable 4GT (4-Gigabyte Tuning Windows)  on x86 systems:

Even though the application is extremely optimized, just listing the names of millions of files and folders requires a lot of memory. The application can now handle larger than 100 TB drives easily. If you are not interested in the file details a new option “Do not list files” is available in the settings. Using the option will dramatically reduce the memory usage and also improve scan performance.

File Size Analysis
Folder Size – Freeware

The new mixed “Larges files and folders” report will help you to easily visualize both folder and files sizes in a combined report.

The count of the selected files and folders is now displayed in the status bar. If no selection is active the count of the files and folders in the currently viewed folder will be displayed.

An annoying bug that displayed the message “There is no default printer currently selected” on every start-up on configurations without printer is now corrected.

The installer now includes an option whether to create or not the ‘Scan with Folder Size’ context menu.

There are also some small bug fixes applied to the new version. You can read the complete list of all the new features and changes in Folder Size here.

File Size Analysis
Folder Size – Freeware

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  1. Geronimo

    The latest version does not open on windows 10. I get the error folder size has stopped working

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