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VSDIF Adds Support For Adobe Photoshop XMP and Other File Format Sidecar Files

This release provides an option in the settings where sidecar file extensions can be listed. Multiple sidecar extensions like XMP, THM, info, Exif etc. can be listed simultaneously using a vertical line as separator – “|”. The move/delete operations over the selected files will also affect the corresponding sidecar files that are set in the settings.

This release fixes also the Pause/Resume functionality where some issues were detected. This includes also the missing icon. An issue with the exclude and auto-check states on project reload was identified and resolved.

Some additional changes are applied to the cache system. The active cache name is stored and reused when new projects are created. If there is no cache, a DEFAULT cache will be created and used automatically. Every project file stores its own cache settings that will be reloaded upon project reload.

Save project and shutdown/log off/etc. are now available in the DEMO version.

What is a Sidecar File?

Sidecar files, also known as buddy files or connected files, are files which store data (often metadata) which is not supported by the source file format.

For each source file one or more sidecar files can be created. This is in contrast to “metadata databases” where one database contains metadata for several source files.

In most cases the relationship between the source file and the sidecar file is based on the file name; sidecar files have the same base name as the source file, but with a different extension. The problem with this system is that most operating systems and file managers have no knowledge of these relationships, and might allow the user to rename or move one of the files thereby breaking the relationship.

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