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Flash Player Update KB3132372 Crashes Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge In Windows 10 – FIXED



Microsoft Security Update Crash

Security Update KB3132372 Causes Crashes In Multiple Applications Under Windows 10

Finally Microsoft and Adobe released a fix for the poor update that they pushed on 29.12.2015 which lead to crashes in multiple applications including Folder Size.

Please install the update to resolve the crash issues:

Details Regarding The KB3132372 And The Crashes In Applications Embedding Adobe Flash In Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge

It is strange that such poor update was pushed at the first place as this caused a tremendous amount of issues and Adobe and Microsoft forums were overwhelmed by users complaining about the problems that they faced after it was forcefully installed. At least Microsoft and Adobe admit on their web site the fact that the update is the culprit for the troubles that many Windows users experienced:

“Known issues in this security update
    We are aware of limited application crashes that occur after this security update is installed on Windows 10. “

The only way to use Folder Size and other tools that crashed because of this update was to temporarily uninstall it and disable the automatic update for it:

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but Microsoft and Adobe are the ones to blame for putting us and you in this situation.

Thank you for understanding.

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