Find Duplicate Photos and Pictures – VSDIF is Released



Duplicate Photo Finder

Duplicate Photo Finder

Version of Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder comes with important new features and fixes. One of the important new features is the support for symbolic links in Windows 7. Now Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder will work flawlessly under Windows 7.

There is a new option to set the cache folder location. This is extremely useful if you have a large collection of photos and you are lacking space on your system drive.

A lot of GUI improvements and fixes are also available. You can now set each column’s auto-size attribute individually, some issues with column sizing and splitter were also fixed.

An enhanced Move/Delete files window will report details for the operation. If files were in use during the delete operation and they could not be moved/deleted they will be listed so that you can free the files and retry the delete operation.

The program will check for Recycle Bin size and show a warning if you want to delete the files to Recycle Bin and there is not enough space available. Automatic delete can now also delete read-only files.

Check the complete What’s New List here.

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