Boss Key 5.2 – Improved Windows 10 Support



Boss Key for Windows 7

Boss Key

Boss Key 5.2 – Advanced Screen Privacy Tools

Boss Key can hide windows instantly, mute sound, switch display resolution and much more with a single keystroke or a mouse gesture. It is a full-featured privacy tool.

Version 5.2 fixes some Windows 10 issues and improves support for multilingual systems. In rare cases under Windows 10 the application would freeze after restoring the hidden windows.

Boss Key will cover your activity instantly with the press of a hot-key combination or a mouse action.It will not only hide your messaging software from the tray, but it will also hide the new chat windows that it might pop-up.

Hide Windows

Boss Key

Boss Key will stay on guard and help you to cover the information on your screen whenever you need.

Boss Key can do even more – it can restore your screen resolution and mute the sound in case gaming or watching a movie.

Boss Key is a priceless little gem in your “Must Have” software collection.

Download Boss Key Now and protect your privacy!

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